Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive my item?

UNITED KINGDOM AND EU DELIVERIES: We aim to produce items within a 3 week cycle from the date you place your order to completion of your item. At this stage the shipping has already been planned to collect the item the day after its completion and the process of shipping takes up to 7 days. So all in all you can expect to receive your item 4 weeks after placing your order. Please bear in mind these are bespoke furniture pieces handmade piece by piece and often different colours and specific sizes specified by customers so we are not able to keep stock and need to make every single item to order. If your item is a chopping board you will receive it via a parcel courier within 7 days of placing your order. We often get the legs sent separately, directly from the leg supplier in order to reduce the overall weight of the large item for delivery. The legs are classified as a standard parcel delivery and will arrive in a cardboard box on a standard service. You will be notified directly via the courier of its arrival, but if you're not home don't worry too much - they will be happy to leave in a safe place or with a neighbour as with most standard parcel services. Otherwise they will pop a card through your door and you can then specify to collect from a nearby collection point to suit yourself. UNITED STATES DELIVERIES: As above but please allow 7-10 days for shipping.

Will I be notified of the delivery date and time?

We will keep you posted throughout the process of producing your item right through to loading it onto the courier vehicle. From there the courier who has your contact details will be in touch with you directly via e-mail and/or text message to notify you of the delivery slot. You'll receive notification that we have started making. You'll receive notification when we have completed making. You will receive notification when your item has been collected by the courier. You will then receive direct notification of delivery date from the courier and on that date - with certain courier services but not others - you will receive a specific time slot for the arrival of the delivery. It is impossible for Furniture with Soul to specify or facilitate direct requests for exact date/time delivery requests. The shipping process is out of our hands. We simply book the required service and load the items onto the courier along with your contact details who then distribute according to their business model. This involves the items being taken to holding warehouses and distributed from there. The couriers have made it clear to Furniture with Soul that our service rates DO NOT accomodate our clients contacting them directly to arrange bespoke delivery slots which incur extra charges. Any charges incurred from this process will be passed on to Furniture with Soul and in turn will be passed along to the customer by Furniture with Soul and will be payable in full 7 days from the date of invoicing.

Will I need to be home to accept my delivery?

If your item is a chopping board, NO you will not need to be home as this will be sent with a standard parcel courier service and as with most of these services the courier will be happy to leave the item in a safe place or with a neighbour if they can't fit it through your letterbox. If your item is furniture YES you will need to be home to accept delivery unless you have specified that we can leave the item around the back or in a shed/garage etc. The reason you need to be home is because the items are booked onto an oversized service (which costs us more than we charge for shipping), the items are high value and require customer signature. Also the courier will need assistance in moving the item from their van to your premises due to the weight and size. We often send the legs separately to avoid adding too much weight to the overall item. Again, this will be a stabdard parcel on a standard parcel service so don't worry too much about being home to accept this aspect of the delivery.

Will I need to help the courier delivery driver with moving the item?

Yes there is every likelihood that the delivery driver will request your assistance in moving the item from the back of their van into your premises. This is because of the size and weight of the items. The maximum weight any person is advised to lift by UK workplace law is 25kg. Often our items are much heavier than this and so require more than one person to manoeuvre from transportation to homeplace.

Will the driver assemble my item for me?

No. We use specialist oversized courier services to deliver your items. The drivers are employed by the courier to deliver items - not by Furniture with Soul to assemble them.

If i'm not happy with my item, can I return or exchange it?

Absolutely. If you are not fully satisfied with your item we will accept returns or exchange for items of similar value. There are some conditions to this and these are set out in the "shipping and returns" page.

Can I specify an exact date to receive my item?

If you want to receive the item on an exact date which falls outside of the 4 week production and shipping period then you can specify an exact date you would like to receive your item. Furniture with Soul will hold back the delivery and arrange the courier to deliver on this date. Simply add this to the notes section when placing your order. Example 1: Order placed January 1st. Item required February 17th. NO PROBLEM Example 2: Order placed January 1st. Item required January 23rd. PROBLEM - item arrival request is within the production/shipping period. The earliest we can guarantee you will receive an order placed on 1st January is January 29th - 4 weeks from the date of order placement. DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee that the courier will deliver on the specified date but we will do everything we can to ensure the arrangement is requested and made clear with the courier.

Can I change my order after placing it?

If you decide that you want to change the leg or stain colour of your item after placing your order, please get in touch ASAP. We will always try to accomodate this if we haven;t already placed the order for the legs or applied the stain. If it's too late though, it'll have to do.

Will everything I've ordered arrive at the same time?

What information do I need to provide on placing my order?

On placing your order, please provide us with your contact phone number and e-mail address which we will pass along to the courier to arrange delivery of your item. We respect your privacy and will never share your contact details with any other third party!

How long can I expect my item to last?

Timber and Steel are the raw materials we produce your items with. These are high durability materials which, with the right care and maintenance can last for a very long time. The steel legs come in two finish types: 1) Raw steel (unfinished) - Often these will be coated with a spray of oil / WD40 prior to delivery to you. This keeps them from rusting and without this they will definitely rust over time. Oxidisation is a natural reaction to steel surfaces even in internal environments. We advise you to cloth rub a layer of WD40 onto this leg finish every few months in order to keep the rust away. If you take care of these legs they will be with you until you decide to get rid of them. 2) Powder coat black - this is a high quality paint finish which will only deteriorate by chipping off with impact or collision. All you need to do to take care of these legs is wipe them down with a cloth or duster and avoid impact marks. If you are unfortunate enough to experience impact chipping, you can always spray paint over this area with black gloss paint finish to repair the affected area as best as possible. Spray paints will be available at your local hardware store and we would advise you invest in a branded product. The timber surfaces are made from substantial boards/beams which are coated with wax stain comprised from a blend of Beeswax and Carnauba waxes. We use two layers minimum to coat your product prior to drying and packaging and this forms a sufficient protection for your product to withstand minor spillages. As time goes by, the timber will naturally soak in the product and we advise you to re-coat the surface with the wax when you feel it needs a refresh. Make a note of the stain colour you've ordered and order a pot from either our site or other leading retailers of BRIWAX. This will need to be applied sparingly, with the grain, with a lint free cloth. We recommend this is done annually to keep your product looking in tip top condition. If you require maintenance advice outside of the information listed above, feel free to call us on 0333 987 5105 and we'll do our best to help out.

I placed an order and haven't heard anything regarding delivery - what should I do?

We pride ourselves on customer service, personability and being reachable. In a digital world where Amazon and Apple want you to talk to robots, we know how important it is to be able to directly reach a human when you want to discuss something in detail! If you've placed an order with us you will have received a "thank you for your order message". You can then expect to receive your item within 28 days later. If 28 days have passed and you haven't heard anything from us or a courier regarding delivery please feel free to give us a call on 0333 987 5105 or e-mail us on sales@furniturewithsoul.co.uk and we'll get it sorted. We do ask you to refrain from calling us within this period as we are a small team and need to keep the production of items flowing to keep our valued customers happy.

What tools do I need to assemble my item at home?

THIS IS A FLATPACK FREE ZONE! The only tool you are going to need is a standard Philips type cross head screwdriver. We supply the screws and we clearly mark the leg positions and pre-drilled holes on the underside of the product. All you need to do is screw them into position. No need to spend hours perusing the instruction manual. We don't even provide one - because you won't need one. We build the product - you screw in the legs. Simple!