Recipe for simplistic timeless style: Take some aged chunky reclaimed timber beams. Give them a stylish make-over in the colour of your choice. Slap some Mid-century style super wide hairpin legs on them. Plonk it in your living space. Voila! UNSWORTH has a simple effortless charm which makes our customers happy time and time again. A wise investment for anyone who intends to eat food with a knife and fork from a plate resting on a horizontal surface.


Timber type: Reclaimed chunky beam with bevelled edge finish. This timber has seen some action already and like any experienced veteran has a story to tell which it projects beautifully through its unique woodgrain. It reaches us in a distressed condition and we carefully sand back the rough exterior to a fine smooth finish before applying specialist woodwax which reveals the grain our customers fall in love with. 

  • Recommended for clients who want a distressed finish style product. 
  • If you prefer a less rough and ready finish, why not check out our New timber board dining tables which still feature unique beautiful grains but without the aged distressed style?


Optional benches slot underneath the table with a snug fit for space saving when not in use. 

Option seen in image - DARK Fiddes hard wax oil