HAMILTON has all the right spaces in all the right places if you're looking for an all-in-one bold, stylish home for your vinyl records, turntable and amp system. The top shelf is designed in size to cater amply for standard sized turntables with the top and bottom shelves strategically sized to house 12 inch records. The cenral shelf houses your amplifier and the whole unit is backboarded with strategically positioned holes for electrical cables and plugs. All that plonked on top of a set of mini hairpin legs and you've got yourself a super cool and functional cabinet to set the perfect scene to give your favourite tunes a spin.


Feel free to run your turntable or amp unit sizes by us here if you'd like to make double sure this is the perfect piece for you before placing your order.

Maybe you're looking for a Vinyl station but don't need space to sit speakers and an amp unit? If so why not check out our COOPER Live edge Oak Vinyl station.

HAMILTON Vinyl Station

  • W60 x D45 x H105cm

    Top & Bottom shelf gaps W53cm x H35cm

    Middle shelf gap W53cm x H15cm